Will Extract
LEVY Stella
Reference NA2462
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Stella
Probate Date 1861 [8 May]
Address 24 High Street Eton Buckingham
Spouse Alexander Levy silversmith sole executor
Children Hannah. Phoebe. Rosetta. Esther. Barnard
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Husband sole executor
Notes Died 11 March 1859. Their marriage-GSM 263/04 11 November 1829. Alexander Levy-Stella Foligna –father Moses. The family are recorded in the 1851 Census (HO107 1718 412 11) at 24 High Street Eton Buckinhamshire. Alexander age 55 watchmaker b Eton Bucks. Stella age 41 b Bethnal Green. Hannah 17 b Eton Bucks .Phoebe 13 b Eton Bucks. JewishGen 1851 Anglo Jewry Data base- Sarah Levy ID 19654. The children are-Barnard 1830.Rosetta 1834.Hannah 1837.Esther 1840. Phoebe 1838
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