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LEVI Leman
Reference NA2471
Family Name LEVI
Forenames Leman
Probate Date 1895 [20 Apr]
Address 18 Colvestone Crescent Dalston Middlesex
Occupation Gentleman
Spouse Esther (Elizabeth) Levi spinster
Children John.Esther.Alfred.Isaac .Barnet .Alexander .Henry .Benjamin . Eveline. Jacob
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators
Notes GRO Death Index Leman Levi age 91 March qtr 1895 Hackney 1b 400 (Died 14 March 1895)1891 Census RG12 187 66 6418 Colvestone Crescent Dalston Middlesex. Leman Levi H M 83 Retired Jeweller b Portsea Hants Elizabeth wife 82 b London Tower Hamlets. Esther dau 47 b London Tower Hamlets.The 1851 Census HO 107 1546 106 143 St.Marks Street Whitechapel. Goodmans Fields. Leman Levi H M 41 Dealer in Jewellery and Plate b Portsea Hants. Elizabeth wife 37 b Whitechapel. ChildrenJohn 17.Esther15.Alfred 13.Isaac 11.Barnet 10.Alexander 8.Henry 6.Benjamin 5. Eveline 3In the 1861 Census RG9 273 103 19 another son Jacob age 9
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