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LEVY Zipporah
Reference NA2472
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Zipporah
Probate Date 1861 [14 May]
Address Formerly of Plymouth Devon but late of 11 St.Paul’s Square Birmingham
Occupation Widow
Spouse Abraham
Parents Father (Aaron Moses) Benjamin
Children Julia .Aaron? Markes . Frederick(Aaron).Caroline. Abraham ? Rebecca. Barnet?
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Markes Levy Plymouth pawnbroker and jeweller the son. Joseph Michael City of Bristol pawnbroker and jeweller
Notes GRO Death Index March qtr 1861 Birmingham 6d 84 (Died 24 March 1861)Berger 1861-71 records her death age 77.JewishGen 1851 Anglo Jewry Data baseID 1332 HO 107 1879 811 Zipporah Levy –father (Aaron Moses) BenjaminChildren. Julia b 1809.Aaron? Markes b 1812. Frederick(Aaron)1820.Caroline b 1820. Abraham ? Rebecca b 1822. Barnet?
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