Will Extract
Reference NA2462
Family Name BARROW
Forenames Jael
Probate Date 1825 [8 Sep]
Address Bury Street St.Mary Axe
Spouse Widow spouse Jacob
Siblings Rachel Moisa widow. Leah wife of Moses da Costa Lindo Bishopsgate Street City of London
Children Simon. Bella Baruh Lousada
Grandchildren Jacob Barrow.Jaol Tryphena Barrow.Joseph Lyon Barrow.Benjamin Barrow. Lousada Barrow.Samuel Barrow.Bella Barrow.Esther Fanny Barrow.Isaac Baruh Lousada.Mary Baruh Lousada.Fanny Barrow Lousada.Henrietta Barrow Lousada.Simon Charles Baruh Lousada.Louisa Baruh Lousada.Matilda Barrow.Jacob Baruh Lousada.Emily Baruh Lousada.George Emanuel Baruh Lousada. Sarah Lindo
Other Relatives Nephew Baruch Moisa. Moses Baruh Lousada.Moses da Costa Lindo
Bequests Emanuel Pacifico Bury Street Doctor of Physics. Moses da Costa Lindo Companion ?Cook Ann Brafet?Footman William Sales
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses Henry P Pearce.John A Bolger.Samuel Ainsley all of 10 Swithins Lane
Notes Her husband is NA 338 –Jacob Barrow 1798. Refers to her late husband’s will 11 August 1797 and investments he made with his trustees. brother in law Joseph Barrow. Thomas Macintosh Island of Barbados. Isaac Serra. Isaac Baruh Lousada.Moses Lindo junior of London
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1703