Will Extract
Reference NA323
Family Name MASSEAS
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1745 (26 Nov)
Address Haydon Yard, near the Minories
Spouse Rebecca
Siblings Sarah the wife of Isaac Silvera of Jamaica; brother Samuel Masseas (deceased), merchant of Jamaica, his wife is Sarah Masseas.
Other Relatives Nieces Esther and Lyna? (Luna?) Silvera. Isaac Masseas one of the sons of brother Samuel. Also Lor? Masseas, widow of London
Bequests Jacob Bernall and Benjamin Tavaroz? both Merchants of London. Mary Coon? Servant. Henry Schofield.
Executors, Administrators Jacob Bernall and Benjamin Tavaroz?
Witnesses Chas. Johnson and William Tudman of Birchin Lane
Notes Portuguese Synagogue
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/743