Will Extract
Reference NA2470
Family Name SAMUDA
Forenames Jacob
Probate Date 1845 [21 Jan]
Address Southwark Row Works? Summer Street Southwark
Parents Father not named but receives a bequest
Siblings Joseph Samuda alias Joseph D’Aguilar Samuda. Abigail Rebecca. Rosa.Sarah
Other Relatives Aunts- Rebecca de Costa. Rachel Boufil. Sister in law Louisa Samuda
Executors, Administrators Joseph D’Aguilar Samuda. Abigail Rebecca Samuda
Witnesses John Robert Johnson. Samuel Clegg junior
Notes His parents are Abraham Samuda. Joy (Simha) de Hanel Lopes Pereira alias Aguilar. Siblings- Abigail Rebecca 1810. Joseph D’Aguilar 1813. Rosa 1815.Rebecca 1817.Sarah 1818. 1841 Census HO107 1088 3 37 7. Summer Street Southwark. Jacob Samuda 29 Engineer not born in county. Refers to a cloth manufactory in Portugal under an agreement between Frauris? . Joseph D’Aguilar Samuda. Jacob Samuda. Ralph Boufil. He was in partnership with his brother Joseph building iron clad ships. He was killed 17 November 1844 on the trial trip of the ‘Gypsy Queen’ when an expansion joint of the engine gave way.
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