Will Extract
Reference NA2462
Family Name FRANCO
Forenames MOSEH
Probate Date 21 April 1774
Address London
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Sarah
Parents Father not named who occupies a property in Clapton St.John? Middlesex to receive a pepper corn rent
Siblings Esther, Raphael
Other Relatives Brother in law Joseph Salvador, Sister in law Rebecca Mendes da Costa, Uncles-Joseph and Raphael Franco ( his father’s brothers); late mothers brothers-Joseph, David Franco
Bequests David De Crasto the Hazan, Abraham de David Teixeria, Joseph de Aguilar, Captain William Stork
Executors, Administrators His wife, father, brothers Jacob and Raphael Franco
Witnesses Joan Thompson, Robert Nuthall, Samuel?
Notes Refers to property in London purchased from his uncle David Franco now in the occupation of his father and himself. Has a counting house and warehouse leased by Moses Hart to his father and his late brother Abraham Franco
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/997