Will Extract
SARMENTO Elizabeth De Castro
Reference NA2295
Family Name SARMENTO
Forenames Elizabeth De Castro
Probate Date 1798 (9 June)
Address Rugby Warwick
Occupation widow
Spouse Dr Jacob de Castro Sarmento
Children Henry (changed his surname to Winstanley) Silk Merchant. Charles.
Other Relatives Henry (changed his surname to Winstanley) Silk Merchant. Charles. Niece Mary Jane Winstanley. Nephew Thomas Hafsall? Cousin Sara Hafsall?
Bequests Edward Newnham Cheapside London silk merchant
Executors, Administrators Henry Winstanley. Edward Newnham
Witnesses Jane Cotton.W Fell
Notes She was originally the mistress of Jacob De Castro Sarmento formerly Henrique de Castro. He was a famous Portuguese Doctor of Medicine and a converted Jew. His research and publications are well documented- see Wikipedia and other online sources for his background and history. Elizabeth was a Christian who he married. He had been previously married twice to Rahel and Sarah aka Isabel both Jews. She asks that her son Henry and Edward Newnham hold the ‘recipes’ of her late husband ‘for preparing Bark Water called Agoas de Inlatera and other medicines which are now in an envelope sealed in the same seal which is affixed to this my will and inclosed in a small iron chest remaining in the custody of my said Executors’. Asks to be buried in a sealed coffin in the vault in the Parish of Saint Andrew Holborn where her husband is buried. Her body was buried 30 March 1798 St. Andrews Rugby Warwickshire
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