Will Extract
LEVY Zaccaria
Reference NA2308
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Zaccaria
Probate Date 1828(21 May)
Address Bury Court St. Mary Axe London and Stamford Hill Middlesex
Spouse Esther Anne aka Simha aka Selina Hannah Montefiore
Siblings Hannah Rocha of Trieste
Children Justina 1788. Zaccaria 1790. John 1790. Joseph 1791. Benjamin 1794. Sarah 1795 died in infancy. Jacob aka James 1796. Hannah 1798 died 1799. Alexander 1800. George 1801. Louise 1803
Other Relatives Daughter in law Penelope wife of Riverward Barleee. Caroline wife of Benjamin Levy
Bequests Each of the clerks in his counting house
Executors, Administrators Executors Zaccaria. Joseph Levy his sons
Witnesses S. Madeson. R S Madeszno? Austin Friars London
Notes Zaccaria Levy probably came from Venice. There was a suggestion in his family history that his origins were Bagdad but there is no evidence for this. He married Selina Hannah Montefiore. Her parents were Moses Haim Montefiore 1712-1789 (Will Extracts NA 343. Esther Hannah Racah 1735-1812 (NA 2350). His wife and children changed their last name to Laurence after his death. The children were baptised as adults and none remained in the Jewish custom. He had arranged for his wife to be buried in the Novo Cemetery alongside his grave but she is buried as Mrs Selina Hannah Laurence in Stoke Newington Churchyard. Zaccaria was granted ‘Armorial Bearings’ 11 December 1813 after petitioning the College of Arms. Joseph Levy aka Laurence is the ancestor of Tim Laurence who married the Princess Royal in 1992.In the will provision was made for his son Alexander to receive family support. Alexander suffered from mental health problems and cared for privately but eventually admitted under the name Alexander Lister Laurence to Camberwell Lunatic Asylum Surrey in 1856. He died in the asylum in 1858.A newspaper record records his age as 73 at death.
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1740