Will Extract
CAMPOS Abraham Mendes
Reference NA2330
Family Name CAMPOS
Forenames Abraham Mendes
Probate Date 1744 (7 Aug)
Address St Mary Axe London
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Sarah
Siblings Brites Pereira wife of Rodrigo Lopes of London
Other Relatives ‘Daughters of my sister Brites Pereira of Sabusan’ niece Ricca
Bequests Portuguese Synagogue London for distribution to the poor. Sons and daughters of Anthony Corroe Sabusan (not named) Portugal. Sons and daughters of Joseph Henriques Sabusan (not named) wife of Rodrigo Lopes of London. merchant and to her sister Rachel (unclear if he is referring to Rachel as his sister or the sister of the wife of Rodrigo Lopes)
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses Thomas Bocking. John Jane
Notes Asks to be buried at Mile End Jewish Cemetery
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/734