Will Extract
CARDOSO Isaac Nunes
Reference NA2337
Family Name CARDOSO
Forenames Isaac Nunes
Probate Date 1759 (5 Dec)
Address Houndsditch
Occupation Snuff merchant
Children Jacob. Aaron. David. Salomon. Judith (to be married to Mordecay Cohen Del Medico now living in foreign parts)
Other Relatives Cousin Isaac Mendes Belisorio
Bequests Estrella Sierra
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses Moses Blaauw. Abraham do Porto. Sanders Joseph. David Julian
Notes Asks to be buried in the Portuguese Jews burial ground London. His son Jacob to receive no additional funds beyond the original amount bequeathed. Refers to a marriage contract he has with his daughter Judith’s potential husband Mordecay Cohen Del Medico. If the marriage does not occur then funds are divided between his sons Aaron. David. Salomon. He signs his will by his mark
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/851