Will Extract
BELISHA Isaac David
Reference NA2350
Family Name BELISHA
Forenames Isaac David
Probate Date 1898 (6 Dec)
Address 271 Cheetham Hill Road Cheetham Manchester
Occupation Gentleman
Spouse Bathsheba (Elizabeth ‘Betsy’) Benzaquen 1825-1904
Children Clara 1846-1926.Sarah 1849-1922.Barrow Isaac David 1854-1906. Simy1857-1926. Victoria 1858-1900. Jacob Isaac 1862-1894. Estella 1866-1941.Florence 1867-1912. Albert Isaac 1867-1952
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators
Notes Died 17 July 1897 8 Woburn Place Russell Square London. See JewishGen Anglo Jewry Data base ID 18389 for further details of all his children. Parents -David and Clara. He is the great grandfather of Isaac Leslie Belisha (Lord Hore – Belisha). He was married twice- 1st wife Julia (Judith) Senior Coronel married 1845. 2nd wife Elizabeth Bathsheba Benzaquen married 1851. 1861 Census RG9 2878 127 11. 88 Bloomsbury Chorlton upon Medlock Lancashire. Isaac D Belisha H M 36 Merchant b London. Elizabeth wife 35. Clara dau 15 b London. Sarah dau 13 b London. David son 6 b Australia BS. Simhy dau 4 b Gibraltar BS. Victoria dau 2 b Gibraltar BS. Moses Cohen visitor u 17 scholar b Gibraltar BS. 1881 Census RG11 4024 51 9 16. 271 York Street Manchester. Isaac D Belisha H M 55 Commission Merchant b London. Bathsheba wife 55 b London. Sarah dau u 32 b London. Barrow son u 26 General Merchant b Melbourne Australia. Jacob son u 19 Commercial clerk b Manchester. Estella dau 15 b Manchester. Albert son 14 b Manchester. Florence dau 14 b Manchester
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