Will Extract
REBELLO Isaac Alves alias Isaac Rebello de Mindora
Reference NA2356
Family Name REBELLO
Forenames Isaac Alves alias Isaac Rebello de Mindora
Probate Date 1805 (12 Sep)
Address Mare Street St. John Hanbury Middlesex
Siblings Rachel. Esther
Other Relatives
Bequests Friend Miss Ann Storquelar?
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses Elizabeth Langmoreon?. Elizabeth Hyland. Administrator-Carfano Dias Santos
Notes Refers to the will annexed of the goods of Isabella Louis de Pina deceased (plaintiff) and Isaac Alves Rebello (defendant) granted to John Lewis Camroux to administer on behalf of Carfano Dias Santos. John Wills auditor by Bond of the deceased administered on behalf of Rachel Alves spinster (sister of the deceased).
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1431