Will Extract
Sherenbeck Joseph Jacob (aka Jacob Myer aka John)
Reference NA2500
Family Name Sherenbeck
Forenames Joseph Jacob (aka Jacob Myer aka John)
Probate Date 1783 (8 Oct)
Spouse Ann (aka Sarah)
Other Relatives Niece Hannah Emden
Bequests Myer Heyman Crutched Friars London Merchant. Abraham Emden. Thomas Bastow servant. George Winnce Merchant Plymouth.
Executors, Administrators Ann Sherenbeck sole executrix. George Winnce
Witnesses John Lane. Anna Maria Bastow
Notes Cemetery Scribes ID 1824 for his wife Ann buried in Brady Street Cemetery 1820 plus link to the Susser archives and Plymouth Hoe Synagogue. National Archives UK Mortgage 26 Jan 1770 on garden in Catherine Street Plymouth. formerly a messuage and garden on which the Jewish Synagogue was built –Joseph Jacob Sherenbeck is one of the named parties. Bond in £600 in the names of Joseph Jacob Sherenbeck. Plymouth Gent and Gumpert Michael Emden of Stoke Demerel. shopkeeper. elders of the Synagogue of Jews. Plymouth 3 September 1762. UK Register of Duties Paid for Apprentice’s Indentures- Master Javon Holt. Plymouth Jeweller- apprentice Jacob Myer Sherenbeck 6 July 1750. There is reference ( online) to the imprisonment of a John Sherenbeck in 1734 at Taunton Assizes 1734.
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1109