Will Extract
Reference NA339
Family Name BARROW
Forenames Jael
Probate Date 1825 (8 Sept)
Address Bury Street
Occupation Widow
Spouse Jacob
Siblings Rachel Norsa, widow.
Children Simon Barrow and his wife Trephania Esther Barrow and Bella wife of Moses Baruh Lousada
Grandchildren Henrietta, Jael Trephania, Jacob, Joseph Lyon, Benjamin, Lousada, Samuel, Bella, Esther Fanny and Matilda and de Symons Barrow and also Bella Baruh, Isaac Baruh, Jacob Baruh, Mary Baruh and Fanny Baruh and Esther Emily Baruh, George Emanuel Baruh, Louisa Baruh, Simon Charles Baruh Losada
Other Relatives Nephew Baruh Norsa, Leah the wife of Moses da Costa Lindo of Bishopgate Street and their daughter Sarah (grandniece)
Bequests Emanuel Pacifico, Doctor of Physic of Bury Street; Mrs. Dawson; Ann Brafot, cook; Ann Reid, housekeeper; William Hales, footman;
Executors, Administrators Simon Barrow, Emanuel Pacifico, Moses Baruh Lousada and Moses da Costa Lindo
Witnesses Henry P. Pearce of 10 Swithins Lane and John A. Bolger and Samuel J. Ainsley of the same place.
Notes Portuguese Synagogue, mentions her husbands executors Joseph Barrow, Isaac Baruh Lousada, Tomaeo Mar Jutosh?,Jacob Mendes da Costa sr.; and Moses Lindo jr and Isaac Serra
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1703