Will Extract
Reference NA340
Family Name BARROW
Forenames Joseph
Probate Date 1808 (5 Sept)
Address Formerly St. Michael, Barbados, then Bury Street, London
Spouse Sarah
Parents Simon Barrow (deceased)
Siblings Sisters, Judith, Rebecca and Sarah Barrow. Brothers Baruch (deceased) his widow is Sarah Barrow, Jacob (deceased) his widow Jael Barrow.
Children Richard Barrow ?
Other Relatives Moses Eliezer Montefiore, Jacob Montefiore and Joseph Montefiore sons of his niece Judith Montefiore (formerly Judith Joseph Levi). Nephews, Jacob Joseph Levi; Simon Barrow son of brother Jacob; Niece Bella Barrow the daughter of Jacob (codicil notes she has married Moses Baruh Lousada). Niece Judith the wife of Eliezer Montefiore of Barbados. Grand-niece Esther Hannah a daughter of Judith Montefiore. Niece Simha Cohen the wife of Lewis Cohen of Barbados. Uncle, Isaac Levi of Amsterdam and his son Abraham Isaac Levi. Godson Jacob Lindo the son of David Lindo of Barbados and Abraham another son of David Lindo; brother-in-law Isaac Depeza Messiah Esq.;
Bequests Abraham Goldsmid and Dr. Joseph Meyer. Wife Sarah to have all his negro and mulatto slaves except Quaro? and my colored boy Richard Barrow (Richard to be schooled and clothed etc until he is twenty, see also notes). Nanny Juddy and Betsey Ann, his two mulatto girls (lately manumitted in London); Isaac Baruh Lousada, Lewis Cohen, Eliezer Montefiore and Jacob Mendes da Costa sr.; Moses Lindo jr.; Isaac Serra; Judith Lousada the daughter of Jacob Lousada (deceased) and granddaughter of Isaac Baruh Lousada. Moses Baruh Lousada son of Isaac Baruh Lousada and his other children Emanuel Baruh Lousada ;Abigail Baruh Lousada ; Esther Baruh Lousada ; Sarah Baruh Lousada ; Rachel Baruh Lousada; Rebecca Baruh Lousada and Leah Baruh Lousada. Jacob Mendes Da Costa jr., the son of Jacob; Abraham Rodrigues Garcia; Samuel Nunes Cardosa and Joseph Barrow Cardosa son of Samuel Nunes Cardosa. Moses Mendes Da Costa. Moses the son of Samuel Montefiore of Barbados. Esther the daughter of Hannah Mendes da Costa of London. Christian Till a free coloured girl of Brabados. Leah Brandon daughter of Joseph and Rachel Brandon of Bury Court (Rachel is pregnant and there is also a bequest to her unborn child). Edward (Emanuel) Brandon son of Joseph Brandon. Isaac Depeza Messiah. Abraham the son of Mordecai Salom. John, Peter and William my three black men who call themselves Barrow to be emancipated in London. Isaac Laria?, Samson Genese, Asher Goldsmid and his son Isaac; Nicholas Birch, Apothecary; Isaac Gomes; Isaac Sequeira; William Barton and Sarah Turner, servants; Saunders Negus? his cook. Raphael Meldola and Sely Michael, rabbis of the Portuguese Synagogue. Louisa? and Esther Brown daughters of Louisa Brown. Abraham Rodrigues Brandon of Barbados,
Executors, Administrators Isaac Baruh Lousada, Lewis Cohen, Eliezer Montefiore and Jacob Mendes da Costa sr.
Witnesses Richard Carlisle Strather and Thomas Street of Philpot Lane and Francis Goodall clerk to Mr. Street.
Notes Portuguese Synagogue, but bequests to the Dutch Synagogue etc. He asks that his executors petition the Mayor of London to emancipate his coloured boy Richard Barrow. He notes that the executors of his brother Jacob's will are Jael Barrow, Isaac Baruh Lousada, Jacob Mendes da Costa sr.; and Moses Lindo jr.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1448