Will Extract
Reference NA2554
Forenames PHILIP alias Moses
Probate Date 1739 (4 Mar)
Address London
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Branca
Parents Joao (Moses) Mendes Da Costa. Maria Soares
Siblings Luis Henriques otherwise Abraham. Ferdinando otherwise David. Jacob. Leonor. Antonio. Branca. Benjamin. Lea. Rachel. Sarah
Children Abraham aka John Junior. Jacob. Sarah widow of Samuel de Prado. Rachel Salvador intended wife of Daniel Jesurun. Rodrigues otherwise Francio Salvador. Branca wife of Isaac Mendes otherwise Anthony Mendes
Grandchildren Jacob Mendes Da Costa otherwise Philip Mendes Da Costa Junior Emanuel (Hannel). David Mendes Da Costa sons of JohnSarah Fernandes Nunes widow of Abraham Fernandes Nunes (daughter of John)Rachel. Leah. Rebecca De Prado the daughters of his daughter Sarah.
Other Relatives
Bequests Bequests Joseph Drominia? And his sister the wife of Nathaniel Norwood plus their child or children attaining 21 yearsWardens of the Portuguese Jews Synagogue for the PoorPortuguese Jews Charities. LondonRachel da Bivar as repayment for money he owedWilliam Bollingham. servantBenjamin Mendes Da Costa
Executors, Administrators His sons Abraham otherwise John. Jacob
Witnesses Solomon Da Costa. Benjamin Alvarenga Junior
Notes Refers to Royal Lottery tickets he holds in France in the names of the French Royal Family.Asks to be buried in the Portuguese Jews Burial Ground. Mile End
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/701