Will Extract
Reference NA2569
Family Name SALAMAN
Forenames Myer
Probate Date 1896(12 June)
Address Wentworth House. Mill Hill. Middlesex and 46 Monkton Street. London
Occupation Ostrich Feather Manufacturer
Spouse Spouse Sarah (nee Solomon. Parents Josiah Solomon. Bella Hart)
Parents Isaac Salaman (Solomon). Jane (Shania) Raphael
Siblings Aaron. Abraham. Betsy. Nathan. Frances (Fanny). Rachel
Children Josiah Myer. Jane (Jennie).Isabelle Juliet. Clement Isaac. Phoebe Ethel. Elkin Josiah. Euston Abraham. Bessie.Redcliffe Nathan. Louise. Henry Barrett. Michael Hewitt. Dorothy. Brenda Zara. Archibald Herbert
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Probate to. Sarah Salaman widow. Nathan Salaman. Alfred Aaron De Pass. Gentleman. Herbert David Cohen. merchant. Alexander Frederick Blaikley.accountant.Clement Isaac Salaman barrister at law. Edward Davis. colonial clerk
Notes Married 20 April 18631851 Anglo Jewry Data Base ID 4171. 1835-1896Died 1 April 1896 Burial Brompton Jewish Cemetery See Palgrave Dictionary of Anglo Jewish HistoryCemetery ScribesID 3910
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