Will Extract
MOSS / MOSES Edward / Aaron
Reference NA2571
Family Name MOSS / MOSES
Forenames Edward / Aaron
Probate Date 1876
Address 78 Inverness Terrace. Bayswater. Middlesex
Spouse Sophia aka Sarah ‘Kate’ Abraham
Parents Jacob (John) Moses. Clara Jonas
Siblings Samuel. David. Lawrence. Morris. Catherine
Children Katherine. Ada. Gertrude. Rosetta. Victoria. Clara. John. Samuel. Joseph
Other Relatives
Bequests A range of bequests to Jewish charities (see Jewish Chronicle 9 February 1877 for a brief summary of the will). Trust arrangements for his 11 children.
Executors, Administrators Samuel Moss.Montreal.Canada.Merchant. David Benjamin 86 Westbourne Terrace Middlesex. Montague Davis 25 Leinster Square. Middlesex Merchant. Louis Joseph 3 Warrington Crescent. Middlesex
Notes Marriage 28 February 1844 GSMa 029/39. He lived in Montreal. Canada until 1869 when he returned to London. Died 8 December 1876
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