Will Extract
Van Raalte Marcus
Reference NA2580
Family Name Van Raalte
Forenames Marcus
Probate Date 1917 (15 Aug)
Address 40 Brook Street. Grosvenor Square. Middlesex and 22 Austin Friars. London
Occupation Merchant Banker
Spouse Ramah Mendes Da Costa
Parents Isak Joseph Raalte/van Coevordon. Grietje Margaretta de Sterke/de Vries
Siblings Jacques (died 1914)
Children Charles (Henry Charles Legge) Major-Army (1858-1908)
Other Relatives Florence (daughter in law). Rebecca Van Raalte sister in law. Grandson Noel. Nephews David and Moses ( his brother’s son) and their daughters. Charles Seligman. Harold Weiner. Kate Weiner. Grandchildren Marguerite (Lady Howard de Walden). Gwendoline (Mrs Noel C.F. Francis). Grandson Noel Marcus Van Raalte The Villa. Brownsea Island. Poole. Dorset
Bequests Sarah Hill formerly maid to his wife. Mrs Evershed-cook. Walter Pearson Toussaint. clerk. Ernest Walter. Augustus Wright. Mrs Kenwood his cook. various servants not named. Arthur Edward Clow. Col.Henry Harries. Ada Ree.Charles Behrend.Leonard Clow. Charles Abraham Mocatta. Elias Mocatta.Edward L Mocatta. Sir Frank Crisp. Edwin John Syer.Marie.Olga.Arthur. and Jane Clow
Executors, Administrators Noel Marcus Van Raalte. Sir Frank Crisp. Bart. 17 Throgmorton Avenue. Edwin John Syers 22 Austin Friars. Walter Pearson Toussaint 22 Austin Friars
Notes Died 21 April. 1916 at 40 Brook Street. Born 23 January 1833 Rotterdam. Burial Hoop Lane Cemetery Row 4. 6 Burial 23 April 1916 (JewishGen Online World wide Burial Registry) GRO Marriage Index Jan qtr.1856 London 1c 258. His wife was born in the West Indies (1836-1901)
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