Will Extract
Reference NA345
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1767 (20 Jan)
Address Leghorn
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Sara Belilios
Parents Jacob Baruch
Siblings Moses,
Children Jacob and his wife Lea of Leghorn, Aron lived in Cyprus, Saul of Leghorn has agreed to wed Sara the daughter of Daniel Sacuto.
Other Relatives
Bequests Daughter of the late Salomon Montefiore of Florence who is his housekeeper and governess of his children.
Executors, Administrators Jacob, Aron and Saul Caravaglio
Witnesses Richard Edwards, Consul in Florence plus 12 witnesses to the notarial act.
Notes Blind at the time of the will. Abraham Carvaglio (d.1766) was a son of Jacob Carvaglio (ante 17201737 Livorno) and Esther Cabib. The Baruch Caravaglio family descended from Nunes Fernandes Carvaglio who moved from Lisbon to Venice during the early seventeenth century. Abraham was born in Venice and married Sarah Belilios. He was a coral manufacturer. The children of Abraham and Sarah were Jacob (d. 1770), Manuel (d. Aleppo 1747-8), Aron (d. 1738), Grazia, Saul (d. 1769) and Esther (d.1782) (see Trivellato 2009, especially pp. 28-31). In his will Abraham records that his son Jacob and his wife Lea are of Leghorn, that Aron lived in Cyprus and that his son Saul of Leghorn has agreed to wed Sara the daughter of Daniel Saccuto. Daniel Saccuto (d. 1768) was the husband of Esther Carvaglio (d. 1782) and so the marriage between Saul and Sara was between uncle and niece (chart in Trivaletto 2009, p. 31). Trs. from the Italian by Isaac Netto.
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/925