Will Extract
Reference NA2612
Family Name PYKE
Forenames JOSEPH
Probate Date 1902 (5 Sep)
Address Devonshire Place House. Marylebone Road. Middlesex
Occupation Diamond Merchant
Spouse Sara Magnus
Parents Lewis. Charlotte Woolf
Siblings Sarah
Children Charlotte Sarah. Lionel Edward. William Marcus. Septimus Harry. Tom Joseph. Sarah Nona. Cordelia. Lazarus Simon. Robert . Manuel Castello
Grandchildren Joseph Birnstyl
Other Relatives Daughter in law Annie Maud wife of his son William Marcus. daughter in law Mary widow of his son Lionel Edward. niece Rosina Defries. niece Cordelia Magnus Defries. Hannah Jacoby of Melbourne daughter of his sister Sarah. William Sharvill Edwards.
Bequests John Jonathan Moore Private secretary. servants (not named). various Jewish charities and institutions. Russell Spokes. Avigdor Lewis Birnstyl. Rev.Simon Singer Minister of St. Petersburg Place Synagogue.
Executors, Administrators Magnus Pyke son in law. Lazarus Simon Pyke electrician son. Avigdor Lewis Birnstyl stock broker. Russell Spokes accountant
Notes Died 15 July 1902. Cemetery Scribes ID 12030. 1851 Anglo Jewry Data base ID 5859-1821-1902. States in his will that if his children marry a non-Jew then their bequest would be reduced to £50. Requests that his grandson Joseph Birnstyl if he takes the bar and adopts the surname Pyke in memory of Testators late son Lionel should receive Testator’s house 40 Great Windsor Street (held in trust). The Jewish Chronicle Obituary July 18. 1902 refers to his relationship with Charles Dickens. ten years as Warden of the Central Synagogue and various directorships including Pyke Brothers of Bond Street. Diamond Merchants. He was granted armorial bearings in 1891. His father was Lewis Eleazer Pyke Minister and Secretary of the Great Synagogue. London-Synagogue Scribes Will Extracts NA 1197 but his father does not refer to all of his children in his will only the unmarried daughters- see 1841 Census for the family HO107 721 11 17 18 3 1 Cree Church Lane St. Katherine Cree
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