Will Extract
Reference NA2620
Family Name NATHANS
Forenames DANIEL
Probate Date 1739 (4 Feb)
Address London
Occupation Merchant
Siblings Marcus
Children Nathan. Eleazer (deceased). David in Rotterdam. Abraham (deceased). Sarah widow of Samuel Levy. Amsterdam. Frato? Wife of Alexander Keyser. Amsterdam.Rose wife of Nathan Solomans. London. Merchant
Grandchildren Sarah.Simon.Nathan (children of his son Abraham of London. deceased)
Other Relatives Eleazer. Mordica (children of his daughter Sarah widow of Samuel Levy)
Bequests Magnus. Troyina?. Sophia. Samuel( children of his daughter Frato? Wife of Alexander Keyser. Amsterdam. Eleanor Dobson. servant.
Executors, Administrators Sophia. Eleazer (children of his daughter Rose wife of Nathan Solomans)
Notes Died 7 December. 1739. The Bequest to his son Nathan is conditional on the provision that he marry the Testator’s granddaughter Sarah Nathans daughter of his deceased son Eleazer Nathans. A codicil modified the bequest in the event of no marriage.
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/699