Will Extract
Reference NA2622
Family Name JESURUN
Forenames ARON
Probate Date 1755 (8 Jul)
Address Amsterdam
Spouse Hanna Barsilay
Children Eldest son Jacob Jesurun Barsilay. David. Rachel wife of David Spinosa Cattella
Grandchildren Aron Jesurun Barsilay. Benjamin Spinosa Cattella
Other Relatives Sister in law Lea Barsilay (deceased) widow of Jacob Spinosa Cattella. Cousins Abraham van Jacob Mordekay senior. David Jesurun.Curacas. Isaac Jesurun.Curacas. Abraham van Jacob Jesurun . Curacas. Isaac van Samuel Jesurun. Amsterdam
Bequests Brothership van Mason Abanst. Sedeca Portuguese Jewish Nation Amsterdam. Sedeca mise Israel a Curacas
Executors, Administrators His sons Jacob. David
Witnesses Johannes Hoving Junior. Casparius Costerus Hoving Junior. Ian Bypland.Notary
Notes Translated from Low Dutch. D.Vanden Brink. Notary. Married 12 January. 1725. Buried Bethaim. Ouderkerk. His wife is NA2177.
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/817