Will Extract
LEVY Vrouwtje Moses
Reference NA350
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Vrouwtje Moses
Probate Date 1785 (6 May)
Address Keysergrat, near Brandshofj, Amsterdam
Spouse first husband Hart Heymans then Benjamin Isak
Siblings Sister, Rachel Moses Levy the wife of Isaac Philip Bok
Children Hyman and Samuel Hartog Levy and Solomon Benjamin Isak
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Joseph Michael, Levy Samson and Meyer Alexander all of Amsterdam
Witnesses Englebertus Marinus Dorper
Notes Tr. From the Dutch. Her sister Rachel is: Isaac Itsak Philip Peis Bock Wirmsch-Kats, (1732 – 1799) Married 1755 Amsterdam to Rachel Mozes Levie, (1736 – 1801) widow of Itsak ben Peis Cohen Bok. Akevoth.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1130