Will Extract
LOUSADA Jacob Baruh
Reference NA352
Family Name LOUSADA
Forenames Jacob Baruh
Probate Date 1752 (23 Nov)
Address London
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Abigail
Siblings Brother, Aaron Baruh Lousada, Merchant of Jamaica; sisters, Rachel Rodrigues Lopes, widow of Jamaica; Abigail Almoyda of Jamaica (deceased); Rebecca Aguilar wife of Joseph Aguilar, Merchant of Jamaica
Children Emanuel, Isaac, Esther, Rachel and Rebecca Baruh Lousada.
Other Relatives Father in laws Isaac Lamego, Aunt, Esther Tauro, widow of Jamaica; cousin Rachel Abialhor? Widow of Jamaica. Nephew, Emanuel Baruh Lousada son of brother Aaron. Nieces Esther, Rachel and Abigail Almoyda, spinsters of Jamaica. Brother-in-law Isaac Mendes Da Costa, Merchant of London.
Executors, Administrators Abigail Lousada, Isaac Lamego, Aaron Lousada, Jacob Gonsales and Isaac Mendes Da Costa.
Witnesses Daniel Almeda, David Samuda and Robert Woodruff and Jacob Depaze
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/797