Will Extract
MORON Abraham
Reference NA353
Family Name MORON
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1817 (20 Aug)
Address Heeresgragt,, Opposite the Cowashoff, no. 20, Amsterdam
Siblings Esther Moron (deceased) “begotten in wedlock by the late Isaac Bueno de Mesquita and Sarah the wife of Jacob Bueno de Mesquita.
Other Relatives Abigail, Sara and Rebecca Pereira. Nephew Jacob van Isaac Bueno Mesquita. Niece Marianne Bueno Mesquita bethrothed to Isaac Lopez de Leao Laguna.
Executors, Administrators Jacob van Isaac Bueno Mesquita and David Haim Henriques De Castro
Witnesses Christopher Reiner Samuel de Lar and Carol Abraham Notaries of Amsterdam; M. Stark and Albert Objes?
Notes Portuguese Synagogue; For marriages of Esther in 1784 and Sarah in 1784 see Akevoth Sephardic Marriages
NA Cat Ref prob/11/1595