Will Extract
Reference NA369
Family Name MYERS
Forenames Angel
Probate Date 1817 (3 April)
Address White Street, Cutler Street
Occupation Rag Merchant
Spouse Anna
Children Daughter Elizabeth and Eldest son Moses other children mentioned but not named.
Other Relatives
Bequests Francis? Isaacs, Merchant of Bevis Marks; Benjamin Farmer, Merchant of Prescott Street; Isaac Joseph of Sam’s Coffee House
Executors, Administrators Anna Myers, Benjamin Farmer and Isaac Joseph.
Witnesses Phillip Jacobs and Charles isaacs
Notes Contents: Insured: Angel Miers, Cutler Street, Houndsditch Other property or occupiers: 13 Bridges Street, Covent Garden (Joseph, lodging house keeper) [no title] MS 11936/466/908732 26July 1815 Contents: Insured: Angel Myers, 5 White Street Cutler Street Houndsditch, dealer in iron and rags
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1591