Will Extract
CAWAGLIO Daniel Abram Baruch
Reference NA381
Family Name CAWAGLIO
Forenames Daniel Abram Baruch
Probate Date 1833 (26 Nov)
Address Leghorn
Occupation Gentleman
Spouse Lea the daughter of Isaac Attias
Parents Saul Baruh Cawaglio
Siblings Bianca widow of Emanuel Manaham Sardo?
Children Bianca, Saul, Isack, Aaron, and Esther Baruh Cawaglio. Esther is the wife of Ventura Bondi?
Grandchildren Eliza, Sarina, Giacomo and Masimo children of his son Saul.
Other Relatives Daughter-in-law, Grazia (wife of son Saul) the daughter of Benjamin Usiglio Her brother is David Usiglio of Modena.
Executors, Administrators David, Elia, Guiseppi and Abraham Usiglio and Guiseppi Uzielli of Leghorn
Witnesses Sworn before Gaspero Luigi Michelotti, Notary of Leghorn. Antonio the son of Giovanni Stefamin, Remigio the son of Guiseppe Paradosi, David the son of Jacob Spinoza, David the son of Lingi Lorbi?, Archangelo the son of Miccola Giardi all of Leghorn. Also David Bowles Maddock, British vice Consul.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1823