Will Extract
Reference NA040
Family Name BALLIN
Forenames Simon
Probate Date 1788 (9 Dec)
Address Bevis Marks
Siblings Jacob Polack, Mr. David or Mr Isaac?
Other Relatives
Bequests David (or Daniel) ??ash, ??? ??? son of Samuel formerly servant to Rev Joseph ?urich, Solomon the son of Abraham is to have ……. I nominated the ten Rabbis I think of viz Mr Aaron the Reader, Mr Simon Prager, Mr Abraham ???ig, Mr Samuel Prager, Mr Simon the vesper reader in the Synagogue … Rev Solomon Hambro son of the deceased Mr Moses Poultry killer? My late brother Mr Jacob Polack, Mr David or Mr Isaac a bachelor?, Joseph son of the late Jacob Sander from Strelitz son of Jacob from Strelitz Orphans of the late Saul? son of the late Jacob are to have …. Samuel with his sisters are to have .. Mendle son of Mr Joseph from Bamberg residing at Emden? Rachel daughter of Meyer? wife of Joseph son of Mr Jacob Nancy? daughter of Meyer wife of Nathan Hendrix is to have …The daughter of Mr Joseph the son of Mr Jacob is to have .. The four children of Isaac those said children are to The daughter must .. haste and be married with Hupah .. but if marry against the will of their parents … Joseph the son of the late Abraham Sander the son of the late Abraham
Executors, Administrators Joseph Emrick? Asser Keyser
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1172