Will Extract
LEVY Sarah
Reference NA394
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Sarah
Probate Date 1717 (1 April)
Address Amsterdam
Spouse Abraham Levy jr.
Parents Mother, Hester Levy
Children Jacob Levy
Other Relatives Rica the daughter of Joseph Medina Lobo. Uncle and cousins of her son Jacob are Nathan, Moses and Jacob Joseph Levy and Rachel the daughter of her son’s cousin Jacob Joseph Levy. Sarah the daughter of Nathan and Sarah the daughter of Moses Levy.
Bequests Hester Montesinos the daughter of Isaac Levy
Executors, Administrators Jacob Joseph Levy, Nathan Levy (and Isaac Mocatta?)
Witnesses Cornolis van Drifthoven and john van Loonwen
Notes Tr. From the Dutch; Asks to be buried at Ouderkerk. Joseph Medina Lobo from Rouen the son of Oliveria married in 1688 Rachel the daughter of Joseph Levy (Akevoth, Sephardic Marriages Amsterdam).
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/557