Will Extract
LEVY Simon Hyman
Reference NA395
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Simon Hyman
Probate Date 1789 (23 Oct)
Address St. Sepulchure, London.
Parents Hiam Levy Gosler
Siblings Sisters, Judah Cohen, widow and Martha Hart, widow.
Other Relatives Nieces and Nephews, Jacob, Abraham, Elizabeth, Miriam and Hyman Cohen and Rachel, Martha and Esther Hart
Executors, Administrators Eliazer Philip Solomons and Eliazer Isak Keyser
Witnesses Samuel Napthali of Prague, Mordecai son of Eliachim? Gets, Shamash of Beth ***** and Simon the son of Jacob Cohen.
Notes Tr. From the Hebrew. Administration granted to his creditor Eliazer Levy Cohen and later to his wife Rachel Cohen
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1184