Will Extract
Reference NA396
Family Name MOCATTA
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1751 (31 Oct)
Address Bevis Marks
Spouse Gracia
Siblings Rachel the wife of David Tsinza? Of Sima in India.
Grandchildren Jacob Lumbrozo De Mattos, Gracia Lumbrozo De Mattos and Abraham Lumbrozo De Mattos Mocatta the children of Moses Lumbrozo De Mattos (wife Rebecca).
Other Relatives Son-in-law, Moses Lumbrozo De Mattos. Nieces, two daughters of David and Rachel
Bequests Moses Lumbrozo, Isaac the son of David Levy and Jacob Mendes Da Costa sr.
Executors, Administrators Gracia Mocatta, Moses Lumbrozo, Isaac the son of David Levy and Jacob Mendes Da Costa sr.
Witnesses James Collier and Elias Simos Cassiners? Of the Bank.
Notes MOCATTA, English family of Marrano origin. MOSES MOCATTA (d. 1693), who came from Amsterdam, appears in a Bevis Marks (London) synagogue list in 1671. He was a diamond broker and merchant. His granddaughter REBECCA married as her second husband Moses Lumbrozo de Mattos. Their son ABRAHAM (d. 1751), (who added the name Mocatta and later dropped Lumbrozo de Mattos) joined with Asher Goldsmid to found Mocatta and *Goldsmid, later bullion brokers to the Bank of England, engaging in enormous transactions. Abraham Mocatta had 11 children (including Rachel, mother of Sir Moses *Montefiore). His son MOSES (17681857) retired early from business to devote himself to scholarship. He published Faith Strengthened (1851), a translation of Isaac b. Abraham *Troki's ?izzuk Emunah, and The Inquisition and Judaism (1845), a translation of a Portuguese inquisitorial sermon and the reply to it. In communal life, he was especially concerned with education and the reorganization of the Sephardi schools, 'Sha'arei Tikvah.' (Jewish Virtual library) The Mocatta Group Scotia Mocatta has it beginnings over 300 years ago with Moses Mocatta opening an account with one of London, England's most famous goldsmith bankers, Alderman Edward Backwell, in 1671. Originally from Portugal, the Mocatta family made its way to London, England to deal in diamonds, and to a lesser degree, gold and silver. Upon his death in 1693, Abraham Mocatta, Moses son, began to actively run the business. In 1710, Abraham Mocatta acquired a licensed broker's medal on the Royal Exchange and he quickly became the most prominent broker in silver. With the flood of gold being discovered and entering London during the 1720s, The Bank of England appointed Mocatta as their primary broker for the buying and selling of foreign gold, until his retirement in 1750 where he was succeeded first by his son-in-law, Moses de Mattos, and then by his grandson, Abraham de Mattos Mocatta, in 1754. Throughout the eighteenth century, several individuals became partners in the Mocatta business including: silver and diamond dealer Alexander Isaks Keyser in 1760; Asher Goldsmid, who was married to Mocatta's daughter, in 1779; Abraham de Mattos Mocattas sons Moses and Jacob in January 1800; as well as Asher Goldsmids sons Issac Lyon and Aaron Asher who became dominant senior partners in 1822. During that period, the business also changed its name to reflect the new partnership that was formed between Mocatta and Goldsmid. Following the death of Keyser in 1779, the Mocatta business was newly named (Scotia Capital) MoScotia Capital c(Scotia Capital Inc. atta Mocatta & Goldsmid. By 1840, the Bank of England concluded their exclusive relationship with the firm, opening themselves up to several brokers. In 1864, with the retirement of F.D. Goldsmid and Abraham Mocatta, the 85 year alliance between the two families was broken. At this time, an individual who was not a Mocatta or Goldsmid, Sir Hector Hay assumed leadership of the firm which maintained its original name. In 1900, descendents of Mocatta and Goldsmid rejoined the partnership. By 1957, the business was acquired by the merchant bank, Hambros Bank and was renamed Mocatta & Goldsmid Limited, with Jock and Edgar Mocatta serving as managing directors. In 1969, Mocatta Metal Corporation was created in New York and through Hambros Bank, Mocatta & Goldsmid took a 50% share. The company intended to trade silver, but dealt in all natural metals. In May 1973, due to the need for greater financial backing to accommodate the development in bullion trade around the world, the business was sold to the Standard Chartered Bank who took over Mocatta & Goldsmid, London as well as 30% interest in Mocatta Metal Corporation, New York. Also in 1973, The Commercial Metal Company Ltd. was purchased from Hambros and was renamed Mocatta Commercial (MCL). By 1975, Mocatta Hong Kong Ltd. was opened and in the fall of 1982, Mocatta Financiere S.A. in Geneva, Switzerland was opened.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/790