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LEONE Samuel Anselmo
Reference NA398
Family Name LEONE
Forenames Samuel Anselmo
Probate Date 1806 (8 Oct)
Address Florence
Occupation Public Merchant
Spouse Diamanth? Levi Lousino
Parents Raffaello Vita Galligo
Siblings Abigail the wife of David Vita son of Salvador Rimini (deceased) and Bona the wife of Salomon Leone the son of David Chimichi (deceased).
Other Relatives
Bequests Leone Vita Luzzati or his representatives; Moses David Montefiore, his present chamberlain; Angelo Segl Simmonetti his servant; Clemeza Isac Castelli, chambermaid and sister on the mothers side of Emanuel Castelli; Marianna Levi of the German Nation his second maid servant; Fernando Comesthi his coachman and Michele Panchetti his husbandman.
Executors, Administrators Abigail Galligo (formerly the wife of David Vita but now wife of Leone Salvador Franco) and Bona Galligo the wife of Salomon Leone Chimichi.
Notes He is also called Samuel Galligo? Translated from the Italian, Latin and Spanish by Judah Uzielli.
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/1450