Will Extract
Reference NA399
Family Name PESMAN
Forenames Isaac
Probate Date 1839 (14 May)
Address 14, John Street, London; 1 Orchard Terrace, Torquay
Occupation Gentleman
Parents Anna Israel of Wapping Street
Siblings John and Lewis Pesman the latter of Lamb street, Spitalfields
Other Relatives Isaac Israel, Jeweller of Wapping Street
Bequests Mary Lawrence wife of Richard Lawrence of Chadwell Street, Pentonville. Bequest to Elizabeth Toms of Temple Place, Blackfriars.
Executors, Administrators Richard Lawrence and John Pesman
Witnesses John Knight Carroll, Grocer of Torquay, William Mayne of 4 Orchard Terrace, Torquay and George Earle, solicitor of Torquay.
Notes PESMAN, Isaac, printer and stationer, 69, Lower East Smithfield 1800; 47, Lower East Smithfield 1804-15; Butcher Row, Lower East Smithfield 1819-23; Victualling Office Square, Little Tower Hill 1824-27; 2, Church Lane, Whitechapel 1828-30. Trading: alone 1800-04; as Pesman and Hart 1807; as J.(?I.) Pesman 1808-30. Registered presses 1800, 1804. Succ. by Lewis Pesman. Todd.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1911