Will Extract
PHILLIPS Solomon (otherwise Moses Selig)
Reference NA411
Family Name PHILLIPS
Forenames Solomon (otherwise Moses Selig)
Probate Date 1816 (28 May)
Address Gun Square, Houndsditch
Occupation Public minister serving in the Hamburg Synagogue.
Children Mordecai, Joseph, Abraham.
Grandchildren Hendelah the daughter of Mordecai
Other Relatives Sons-in-law Jacob Cohen and his wife (Golda?) Esther; Leib and wife Haya
Bequests Jacob son of Rev. Mr. Eliezer and wife Galba.
Executors, Administrators Mordecai and Joseph Phillips
Witnesses “the mihor Steby Hersh” and Judah Uzielli, appeared Michael Goldsmid of 119 Rosemary Lane, schoolmaster.
Notes Translated from the Hebrew in the German Jewish Character. Son Joseph is probably HSM 226 and CemeteryScribes I9411. Marriage of Gittela daughter of Mordecai HSM 081 and Sarah HSM 097.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1580