Will Extract
POLLAK David Moses
Reference NA416
Family Name POLLAK
Forenames David Moses
Probate Date 1734 (3 March)
Address St. Andrews Undershaft
Occupation Jeweller
Spouse Betty
Parents Moses David Pollak
Siblings Brother Isaac Moses Pollack (a minor). Sisters Hester, Betty, Brandle, Handle, Shavah and Khoyah? Pollack.
Other Relatives Mother-in-law Zephora Worms (widow). Sisters-in-law Rachel, Sarah, Eve, Hester, Yetah and Leboh Worms. His cousin is Hannah the daughter of his cousin Shovet? Reuben in Hamburg.
Executors, Administrators Betty Pollak; Isaac Franks, Merchant of Billiter Square and Levy Salomons, Merchant of Houndsditch.
Witnesses Lyon Nathan, Samuel Butler, attorney and James Lillicott his clerk.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/670