Will Extract
Reference NA420
Family Name RACAH
Forenames Moise
Probate Date 1803 (6 Feb)
Address Leghorn but another residence in Pisa
Parents Massoud Racah of Leghorn (deceased).
Siblings Sisters, Hannah Racah (deceased) the wife of Lazarro Montefiore (deceased); Esther Racah the widow of Moses Vita Montefiore and Rachel Racah widow of Sabatai Isaac Ambron;
Other Relatives Nephews Prospero and Juda Vita Montefiore the sons of Hannah and Lazarro. The orphaned children of the late Solomon the son of Prospero Racah (deceased) of Salonika; Isaac the son of Massoud of David Racah of Tripoli; Massoud the son of Solomon of Massoud Racah (are these ie. David, Solomon and Prospero his brothers?); Benjamin son of the late David Racah. Nephews and nieces on his sisters side. Renia Sarah daughter of Hannah Racah and Lazzaro Montefiore; Mrs Sarah the daughter of Esther (born in London) of Hannah and Lazzaro Montefiore; Judah of Abram Israel and of the mistress Sarah (b. London) daughter of Moses Vita Montefiore and his sister Esther Hannah Racah. Sarah is the wife of Abraham Ergas of London. Jael, sister of Sarah and the wife of Prospero Montefiore of Leghorn. Esther a daughter of Judah Montefiore is the wife of Emanuel Levy Lousino (or Sousino?); Leah and Abigail single daughters of Moses Vita Montefiore (deceased). Moses Vita the son of Joseph Vita the son of the late Moses Vita Montefiore of London; nephew, Judah the son of Moses Vita Montefiore; nephew, Gabriel the son of Sabato Isaac Ambon
Bequests Abaha De Mose Mesquina; Hazan Rubi; Jacob Euriches? Della Fuento his barber; The orphaned children of Joseph Vita Judah Leone (Samuel son of Jacob Leone); the children of Sarah Cassuto widow Levy of Florence wife of Mr. Forti of Florence (Sarah sister of Mrs Luna is the wife of Migleo? (or Higolo? or Strigelo?) Codotto? (or Codisto) of Florence); Siruha? Wife of Zachariah Levy of London (sister of Jael?); Rachel (her sister) the wife of Nunes Castello of Barbados; Hannah another sister Mr. Aurona of London; Rebecca another sister the wife of Nunes Rabello of London. Mrs Luna the wife of Jacob Fernandes Liba? Is the daughter of Sabato Jacob Ambron and his sister Rachel Racah. Sarah (sister of Mrs Luna) is the wife of Migleo? Codotto? of Florence. Rebecca another sister is the wife of Solomon Ambron of Rome. Esther another sister is the wife of Raphael b. Letino Vita Tedesco. Israel Bassano; Moses Grazziano? (Graziato?) and his brother Leoni and Samuel Vitol Leoni; Ezerhia and his brother Sabato Ambon (Miss’es Ezechia of Labato (or Sabato) Ambron and brothers?); Pasquali son of the late Anthony Biarpaglina; Mrs Peter Leopoldo Fortunati Nofita?; Antonio *** Par****? (Prui? Painarini?) Castello; Samuel the son of the Isaac Abraham Castello (Samuel son of late Haham Abram Isaac Castello?); Moses the son of the late Leon Tedesco
Executors, Administrators Prospero and Judah Vita Montefiore.
Witnesses Angelo Nissim?, Jacob the son of Emanuel Nunes, Benjamin ****? (Gatuzi?) And Jacob the son of Raphael Baruch; Mathamad? Shiab Maroli?; Samuel Castello son of Nathan? Abraham Isaac Castello and Moses de Leon Vita Tedesco
Notes Bethhaim burial ground, Leghorn, near to his wife. See also the******Collection, Sothebys Broadside wedding poem celebrating the nuptials of Rebecca, daughter of Sabbetai Isaac Ambron and Solomon Judah,son of Gabriel Ambron. Printed on blue paper in Livorno, 1792).
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1391