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SALOMON David Michael (Salomon Michael David)
Reference NA432
Family Name SALOMON
Forenames David Michael (Salomon Michael David)
Probate Date 1792 (13 June)
Address Hanover
Occupation Court Officer
Spouse Bloomschen nee Meyer and then Susannah nee Gompertz.
Parents Michael David, Court Officer.
Children Three children with his first wife Bloomschen are, Bola the wife of Elias Gompertz of Frankfurt; Levi Salomon an officer in the court of the Bishop of Augsburg; Goldschen the wife of Abraham Isaac of Copenhagen. Children with his present wife Susannah are, Philip Salomon; Gollschen; Benedict Salomon; David Salomon; Fraidschen; Hannachen; Hertz; Mindelschen and Sarah.
Other Relatives Nathan Behr Isaac ******?
Bequests Michael **ey? Of his Davids Foundation?
Executors, Administrators Levy and Philip Salomon
Witnesses Rudolphus Fredericus Wackerhager and Fredecicus Phillippus Buneman
Notes Translated from German to Latin and then to English. Although in the seventeenth century the province of Calenberg at each session of the Landtag voted against the admission of Jews, it seems that the princes, like Duke Johann Friedrich and Elector Ernst August, admitted several well-to-do Jewishfamilies in order to promote the growth of the Neustadt, which had been enlarged and built up. Of the Jews of Hanover at this period who frequented the Leipsic fairs (1683-99) may be mentioned Liepmann Cohen (Leffmann Behrends), who stood in high favor at the Guelfic court. He succeeded in obtaining permission (renewed Oct. 9, 1697, by Georg Ludwig) to appoint a district rabbi, to whom also the Jews of Lneburg, Hoya, and Diepholz had to subordinate themselves. In 1673 he caused to be issued a rigorous edict for the protection of the bodies reposing in the Jewish cemetery in Hanover. In 1688 a small synagogue was established in the house of Levin Goldschmidt (Lb Hannover), and in 1703-04 a new synagogue building was erected by Liepmann Cohen and his son, Naphtali Hirz, on the site of the old one, torn down in 1613. The new synagogue belonged to the bankrupt estate of the Behrends Brothers, and was sold in 1743 to the highest bidder. Court agent Michael David and the philanthropist Solomon Gottschalk were the purchasers; and they presented it to the Jewish community. (http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com)
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1219