Will Extract
Reference NA434
Family Name SALOMONS
Forenames Anna
Probate Date 1766 (8 Dec)
Address Gould Square, Crutched Friars
Spouse Joseph Salomons
Children Benjamin, Henry, Michael, Sarah
Grandchildren Joseph the son of Henry Salomons. Elias Salomons
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Abraham Goldsmith, Merchant of Gun Yard; Isaac Smith, Banker of Lombard Street; Later replaced by Peter Slapol? Of Basinghall Street and Israel Levin Salomons.
Witnesses Yehuda Galinda, Thomas Lise? And Samuel Nelson
Notes Joseph Salomons (married to Ann = Hannah Lazarus Wolf ‘Oppenheim’, who died 1766) is the son of Barent Eliazer Salomons (Issacher beer ben Leizer Kats), who lived in Amsterdam. See ‘Trowen in Mokum’ Page: 715-327, Groom: Joseph Barend Salomons|Cohen-Kampen, birth 1707 Amsterdam, Married 1726 Amsterdam dtb 715/327; witness.groom: father .Barend Salomon; witness.bride: father.Lazarus Wolf. to: Bride Anna Lazarus, birth 1709 Frankfurt. Also see Akevoth for further information.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/924