Will Extract
Reference NA441
Family Name SALOMONS
Forenames Jacob
Probate Date 1783 (21 Aug)
Address George Street, Minories
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Jane
Siblings Sisters, Hannah the wife of Levy Joel Levy of Burkwold, Germany; Marlena the wife of Hayman Ansel of Rheina in Amsterdam; Brynia the wife of Maurlia? Abrahams of Alourgiolio? in Prussia; Bola the wife of Salomon Levy of Kaplon in Prussia. Brothers, Isaac,Abraham and Samuel of Oppenboron in Prussia,
Other Relatives Nephew Salomon Isaac living with him in London; uncle, Factor? Salomon of London and his wife Fanny.
Executors, Administrators Jane Salomons, Abraham Hort of Bury Street and Asher Keyser (Levi Barent Cohen??) of Crutched Friars
Witnesses R. Gracraft and Solomon Isaac.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1107