Will Extract
Reference NA469
Family Name SAMUEL
Forenames Levy
Probate Date 1793 (9 Feb)
Address London
Spouse Yutta? bat Mr. Judali? or Swali? Or Miroli?
Other Relatives Fradke daughter of his sister the wife of Nathan the son of Napthali. To his sister’s children Isaac the son of Salomon, Joseph the son of Salomon and Martha? and Ruirhlah the daughters of Salomon
Bequests Rev. Dr. Tibla?. To his poor relations in Germany ( unnamed) and to an orphan from a devout family from the congregation to which he belongs in Rivudoworian? in Germany.
Executors, Administrators Ashur Keysor and Abraham the son of Aron Goldsmid and daughters Bolah and Hendela
Witnesses William and J*** Abdy.
Notes He mentions the congregation he belongs to in Niederwaren In Germany. He signs as Judah Levy ben Samuel Samwil Levite. Translation attested by Jos. Schabracq.
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/1229