Will Extract
SAMUEL Samuel Levy
Reference NA483
Family Name SAMUEL
Forenames Samuel Levy
Probate Date 1845 (19 Feb)
Address Little Alie Street
Occupation Umbrella maker
Spouse Kitty
Siblings Elizabeth Engle widow, of *****stein, Germany,
Other Relatives Niece Charlotte Mendel Jordan? of Wittingshafen? Bavaria. Rebecca Weiman***residing with her uncle Jonas Engle . Godson Barnard******
Bequests To his Godson Barnard****** and to the children (including Rachel) of Ester and Jacob Benjamin and the children of David Samuels.
Executors, Administrators Abraham Levy, Aldgate, Merchant, Hyam Hyams, Cornhill, merchant, Esther wife of Jacob Benjamin.
Witnesses Thomas Aug. Ewill? Of Haydon Square and Edward Harvey his clerk.
Notes Mentions that he is beneficiary in will of Solomon Gompertz after the decease of Simon Gompertz (see NA*******). See also Survey of 1851, ID. 5598, 5600 and 15636, Kitty Samuel (b. 1776) staying with Jonas Engel (1797-1867) and his wife Sarah bat Issachar Behr HaCohen Barnett (1810-64).
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2013