Will Extract
Reference NA484
Family Name SAMUEL
Forenames Sarah
Probate Date 1805 (13 June)
Address Mansell Street
Occupation Widow
Spouse David
Siblings Judith Daniel wife of Aaron Daniel of Hamburg.
Children Isaac, Lyon, Samuel, Simon, Ann and Hannah,
Grandchildren granddaughters Handel/Henrietta daughter of son Samuel and Maria daughter of son Lyon.
Other Relatives Nephew of her late husband is Samuel Sampson of Prussia. Children of her sister Judith are Mindell Daniel, Daniel Daniel, Rachel Daniel.
Bequests Mary Hart, Elizabeth Levy and Lyon Abrahams, servants and Rev. Solomon Hirshell
Executors, Administrators Lyon and Samuel Samuel and Abraham Goldsmid of Finsbury Square.
Witnesses Joshua van Oven of St. Mary Axe, Ben Davies? And Mr. Fisher of 10 George Street, Minories and then of 15 Upper Shadwell?
Notes For husband David see Prob 11/1330, dau Ann Prob 11/2112 and son Samuel Prob 11/2011. Sarah is the daughter of Simon Prager. David Samuel is recorded in an Old Bailey Trial of 1785 ( t17850223-2) ‘I am a Jew merchant, I sent one box of watches on board the Elbe, it contained one hundred watches…some three cases, some two cases, some with enamelled landscapes…watches made for foreign markets.’ and t17850112-12 DAVID SAMUEL sworn. ‘I put some watches on board the Elbe, Captain Goddard, they were packed in a box, I packed them up myself and my son, there were a hundred…..SAMUEL SAMUEL sworn. ‘I am son to the last witness, I assisted my father in packing up a box of watches…’ see will of Samuel Samuel 1845.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1427