Will Extract
Reference NA487
Forenames Joseph
Probate Date 1810 (22 Oct)
Address Kingston, Jamaica
Occupation Esquire
Spouse Rebecca Henriques
Children Daughters, Rebecca Gabay the wife of Moses Gabay (their children Ester and Rebecca Flamengo?); Leah Furtado the wife of Isaac David Furtado.
Grandchildren Ester, Joseph, Rebecca, Horatio and Sophia Furtado and Ester Nunes Flamengo and Rebecca Nunes Flamengo
Other Relatives Nephew, Joseph Henriques jr., Merchant of Jamaica.
Bequests Solomon Mendes Da Silva, Merchant of Jamaica. Slaves to be sold except Patiouro and her children Camilla, Morris, Flora, Eleanor, Aboira? And Betsy a mulatto.
Executors, Administrators Rebecca Henriques, Joseph Henriques jr and Solomon Mendes Da Silva.
Witnesses William Munro, Josh. Archambau and J. Johnston;
Notes He has lots of slaves. Mentions Solomon Isaacs and David Rodrigues Da Costa, Abraham Quixano Henriques
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1515