Will Extract
WAAG Hermanus
Reference NA516
Family Name WAAG
Forenames Hermanus
Probate Date 1778 (10 Aug)
Address Denmark Court, Strand.
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Rose
Siblings Sister Sarah the wife of Jacob Jonas of Amsterdam. Brother, Abraham Waag of London.
Other Relatives Nephew and nieces, Isaac and Jenny the children of Abraham Waag. Andrew Waag the son of Simon Waag of Amsterdam. Israel Jonas, Minky Waag the wife of Salomon Meyer Bety Waag the wife of Hartog Hendriks Polly Waag wife of Benjamin Levy of London Jenny Waag to marry Philip Abrahams Israel and Hannah Jonas children of Sarah and Jacob Jonas
Bequests Solomon Solomons, Michael Samson, David Levin Solomons, Samson Moses Prince and his brother Hartog Moses Prince. Rosy and Jenny Prince the daughters of Moses Prince and grandaughters of Abraham Samson of Amsterdam. Isaac David Levy Salomons. Benjamin the son of Levy Benjamin (deceased) Leah, Frumet and Frantje Benjamins the daughters of Moses Marius Benjamins of Niewekerke Sarah Samson the daughter of Abraham Samson, his wife is Frumet Judy Samson the wife of Solomon Levy Hannah Samson the wife of David Salomons Minky Benjamins the wife of David Levin Salomons Isaac Salomons the son of David Levin Salomons Wolf, Lucy? Mayer and Josiah the four sons of David Levin Salomons Samson and Hartog Prince sons of Moses Prince Bemin? Daughter of Marius Benjamin (deceased) Judy the wife of Zachala Zunts of Frankfurt Benjamin Levy Benjamin Levy Moses Benjamin, Wolf Moses Benjamin and Josiah Moses Benjamin Bilah, Jenny and Sarah three daughters of Samuel Keyser (deceased) all of Amsterdam. David Solomon Shiff, Rabbi
Executors, Administrators Somon Solomons, Merchant of Bury Street; Michael Samson, Merchant of Gun Square; David Levin Solomons, Merchant of Amsterdam.
Witnesses W. Torsiter and Charles Tisler? Appeared Benjamin Levi, Diamond cutter of St. Botolph and Mordecai Samuel, Jeweller of St. Catherine Creechurch, Solomon Solomons and Alexander Isaac.
Notes Synagogue Duke’s Place and Synagogue in Amsterdam. Old Bailey, t17480420-35) Mentioned Hermanus Wagg “I am a jeweller in Prescot-street. I have known Myers eight years; he lived with me two years as an errand-boy…” Possibly Manus Wagg, G.S. member 1762-3, no. 114. Simon and Minky were also brother and sister of Hermanus (see Akevoth) but he does not specify this in his will. Abraham Samson was the husband of Minky. Their daughter Rachel Rechla Abraham Witmond, (1729 – 1765), married Mozes Hartog Zwi-Hirsch Prins Lanstadt, (Moses Prince in the will, b. 1719 in Langenstadt). Consequently the Prince and Samson children are all other relatives of Hermanus. The Minky Waag who married Salomon Meyer is probably a daughter of Simon Waag and Salomon Myer is therefore Soesman (Kalman) Jacob Gans,
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/1045