Will Extract
Reference NA518
Family Name WALEY
Forenames Simon
Probate Date 1817 (18 April)
Address New Street, Bishopgate Street.
Siblings Jane Hort, widow and Sarah Solomonson the wife of Solomon Solomonson Merchant of Vauxhall ****.
Other Relatives Nieces and nephew, Julia Hort, Rebecca Hort, and Abraham Hort and his children Ann and Samuel Hort. Brother-in-law, Solomon Solomonson and his children Edward, Samuel, Alfred, George and Mary Ann Solomonson His wifes sisters Rachel Selig and Leah Raphael. Her brothers are Samuel and Raphael Raphael (his son Nathan is Simons Godson). His wife's nieces and nephew are Emma, Jane, Louisa and Henry Selig. Her cousins are, Elizabeth and Kitty Jacobs and her aunt is Fanny Jacobs.
Bequests Jacob Canter, Simon Leo *** of Barlow Street. Mary Ann Witus?and Esther Charlotte Bolt, servants. Mr. And Mrs. Rothschild. Isaac Selig, Merchant of Paramount Moorfields, Lyon Samuel, Merchant of Mansell Street, Solomon Solomonson and Isaac Solomon of Altona but presently residing in Camomile Street.
Executors, Administrators Abraham Hort, Isaac Selig, Lyon Samuel and Solomon Solomonson.
Witnesses Robert Henderson, attorney and Bunford Samuel both of Leman Street. J. Asher of Haydon Square and William Morgan of 28 Union Street, Spitalfields.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1591