Will Extract
MAYERS Solomon
Reference NA543
Family Name MAYERS
Forenames Solomon
Probate Date 1775 (29 Dec)
Address St. Mary Axe
Occupation Jeweller
Spouse Hannah
Children Benjamin (wife is Caty)
Grandchildren Caty, Jacob children of Benjamin
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Joseph Gompertz, Merchant of Gold Square and Alexander Isaks Keyser, Broker of Bury Street.
Witnesses John Hughes. Appeared Abraham Solomon, Poulterer of St. James, Duke’s Place.
Notes Probably, Old Bailey t17430413-45, Winifred Jackson , late of London, Spinster , Judith Mayers , wife of Andrew Mayers , late of London, Jeweller , Solomon Mayers , late of the same Place, Jeweller , and Mary Mayers , late of the same Place, Spinster , were indicted…did unlawfully conspire, combine and consult together, one Thomas Sharp of London, Laceman , of a large Sum of Money, by unlawful and deceitful Ways and Means, to cheat and defraud ….the Defendants were acquitted
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1014