Will Extract
Reference NA549
Family Name WOLFE
Forenames Ellis
Probate Date 1817 (31 July)
Address Cowley Grove
Spouse Margaret
Parents Benjamin Elias, Esquire (his adopted father)
Siblings David Wolfe of Kingston, Levy Meyer Wolfe (deceased) of Hamburg and Elizabeth the wife of Moses Leven of Hamburg.
Other Relatives William Noble son of his wife. Wife's brother is Richard Noble of Yorkshire and his son Ellis Wolfe Noble
Bequests Abraham Cohen Peixotto and Henry Barnet Rees/Ross? (his clerks)
Executors, Administrators Hyman and Judah Cohen, Aron Joseph of the Crescent? Minories, Moses Levy Newton of Prescott Street,
Witnesses Thomas Henry Riches, solicitor of Uxbridge his clerk William Townsend and Robert Hazell, chemist of Uxbridge.
Notes Mentioned, John Baptist Corberand the Elder and John Baptist Corberand the Younger both of Mullet Hall plantation in the Parish of St George Jamaica Brothers and Planters, Moses Henriques of Kingston, Jamaica, Hyman and Judah Cohen and the Duke of Sussex
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/1594