Will Extract
SACHI Joseph
Reference NA556
Family Name SACHI
Forenames Joseph
Probate Date 1776 (8 July)
Address Leghorn
Parents Jacob Sachi
Siblings Brother, Jacob the father of David Sachi.
Other Relatives Jacob Sachi, Pessola and Rachel children of his nephew David (David, deceased, the son of his brother Jacob Sachi). Ricca the daughter of Jacob Sachi (deceased) and the daughter of Ricca (unnamed). His German sister the widow of Motinel Tudeschi? dwelling in Mantua and to her daughter ?..) The wife of David Sachi is Ricca of David of Isach Fernandez Diaz of Salonica
Bequests Abram Mutal and Old Simon
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses Attorney is Jacob Osirio, Merchant of London. Will made in Leghorn, in presence of Careo qm Pietro, Magni Stefano di Ginseppe, Chioppin Giovanni di Gio, Batista Amigholti, Giovanni qm Mario Bertolopi of Bergano, Giovan Babista qm, Martino Cati, Giovan Battista qm, Giovan Giaromo, Giovnmari and Francesco Maria. Mr Jacopo Leone of Luvano in Switzerland all porters of this Custom House dwelling in this city. And witnesses to this testament.
Notes Attorney is perhaps Jacob Osorio, Merchant of Throgmorton Street , City of London20 August 1789PROB 11/1182. For David of Isach Fernandez Diaz see Joseph Nehama, "Histoire des Israelites de Salonique" 1935-78.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1022